Q: So what's this site all about?


A: This site is dedicated to the frauds and other downright silliness of the Rennes le Chateau world, a genre mostly supported by myths, vanity, financial scams, and not a speck of proof. Ask anyone for sources or suggest all is not what it seems and you'll be sent to Coventry - fast.


Q: Why the Village and all that Prisoner stuff? 


A: The village featured in the tv series was inescapable and similarly, one cannot escape from RLC. Everyone is controlled and everything recycled - in short, it's like living in a permanent state of Deja Vu... er, haven't i seen you somewhere before??


Q: Why's Gino in there?


A: We couldn't possibly feature the memes without him. He's one of the most flamboyant, and dare we say, photogenic dudes in the genre - it just wouldn't be cricket to not include him; we love our Gino*.


Q: There's got to be a few honest researchers out there, surely?


A: They're about as rare as hens teeth. Let us know when you find one.


Q: Why is it there are so many tombs associated with RLC?


A: It's a bloke thing. Especially a middle aged bald bloke thing. There's something about scrabbling around in the dirt, and possibly an obsession with mortality. Fake tombs also seem to sell especially well.


Q: But all that paperwork and stuff left Sauniere left behind, some of it's real, right?


A: Oh yeah. Sauniere was a dab hand at Photoshop. He was also a powerseller on Ebay.


Q: Yeah, but you can't ignore all the sacred geometry stuff now can you?


A: Yes we can. But if you want to spend your time battling in the wind with the 1:25,000 Quillan map and a leaking felt tip pen, then don't let us stop you.


Q: What do you mean by recycling?


A: RLC is possibly the greenest, most environmentally friendly place in the world. Everything is recycled and nothing is wasted. In fact, researchers share an awful lot - especially narratives.


Q: So what about Girona? Sauniere went there didn't he?


A: Did he? If you find a scrap of independently corroborated evidence do let us know. 


Q: But there are photo's and documents, this is proof!!


A: Flea markets and estate sales are another popular pastime for RLC researchers. A tatty old box of photographs sure does go a long way.


Q: And Perillos?


A: See my comment on balding tomb addicted researchers above.


Q: Mary Magdalenes tomb is located near RLC isn't it?


A: Tombs with Biblical tenants do seem to show up an awful lot in relation to RLC, but ask any researcher to actually show you the location, and you'll be met with serious resistance, and an awful lot of expletives.


Q: So how can i get them to show me the location?


A: About 50K should do it - that's the current asking price we're reliably informed.


Q: But Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married, and eloped to the south of France?


A: It's a well known fact that Mary Madge and Jesus spent much of their time hoofing it around the south of France. I mean, if you want to escape Roman tyranny, it makes total sense to endure a perilous sea voyage and head straight for another Roman province. **


Q: You're just a cynical old tart aren't you??


A: One does ones best.


Q: So, any advice for us intrepid explorers oh enlightened one?


A: Keep your hand firmly on your wallet/pocketbook - an RLC enthusiast and his money are soon parted.


Q: Um, how do we contact you?


A: If you really want to get in touch, you'll find me. Do me a favour though -  don't spam me, try to sell me Sauniere's magical grundies, do a creepy lurking act or send me flirtatious messages, as i'm likely to put you through the nearest window. Other than that, i'm thoroughly lovely and approachable. Honest.





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