The Templars are Among Us (again) and Gino's Hitched a Lift...


A book has come to light that had Rennes le Chateau enthusiasts across the channel positively buzzing with excitement this week, that is until everyone realised that the book in question was just a 2012 reprint of 'The Templars are Among Us' by Gerard de Sede. The only difference being (and this was supposed to be the exciting bit) was that it had an interview with none other than mischevious Number Two himself, Gino Sandri. The contents are bound to end up on the usual forums, so save yourself a few quid and resist the urge to run hell for leather down to your local bookstore to buy it, unless of course you absolutely can't wait, have no life to speak of, and MUST have that book before anyone else. Naturally we wish old Gino well with his new literary enterprise, although it does seem a little out of character for the alleged PoS recluse, so maybe he's short of a few bob. No doubt our favourite scoundrel is also a little dismayed at the recent skepticism shown towards the genre of late and felt the time was right for a good injection of 'new information' to keep the tired old carousel going. One can't have people leaving the game now can one?



Bloodline Sequel Filming in Progress


Bloodline director Bruce Burgess is currently filming RLC notables along with Brit presenter Jamie Theakston. The documentary, which has not yet been given a release date, is a possible follow up to the disastrous first movie, which followed Ben Hammott's exploits in the RLC area uncovering polystyrene tombs and faked bottle clues. Unknown to many, the original film was to feature arch scammer Andre Douzet and his latest Biblical tomb tenants, but when this fell through, Ben stepped into the breach. One can only hope that the subject of this latest offering will have slightly better credentials, although from what we've been told, may well turn out to be another publicity launch for more of the same. We look forward to seeing the usual suspects mugging for the camera. Is this my best side?




'Forbidden History' with Jamie Theakston airs on 27th September on the Yesterday channel in the UK. Here's hoping there is some critical examination of the sources and features some noted academics, not just the usual RLC media crowd.



Henry Lincoln Archive Looking for Funding


A Facebook page was launched recently asking for funds to the tune of $7,500 to help in the archiving and permanent home of Henry Lincolns research collection. No doubt a worthy enterprise, but closer inspection revealed that the funds were for 'air fares and accomodation'. When challenged no one was able to furnish us with any information as to who the air fares were for, and much less information was forthcoming regarding the set up of the archive, such as board of trustees (is there one?), charitable status, location, and ultimate copyright of the collection in the future. In fact, all questions were met with stony silence. The originator of the fund raising page was Rene Barnett, producer of the movie Bloodline, and sounds suspiciously like someones holiday fund. The south of France is lovely this time of year.



Girona Tower, What's in a Name?


Doubt has been raised recently over the truthfulness of Patrice Chaplin's claims, when yet more dubious photographs appeared on her Facebook page. In fairness to the author, the photo's were sent to her, but it does raise questions as to how many of them make it into her books, and whether Facebook acts a test pad to judge if people can spot the fakes or not. Research was conducted into her intial claims some years ago, with some highlighting the fact that the famous 'Torre Magdala' was called something else, leaving the Sauniere narrative on decidedly shaky ground. Patrice is now charging a whopping 600 Euros to attend her tours and has even included an 'anti grail impulses' talk, no doubt designed to challenge those who are now quite understandably, a little sceptical of her story.


Ever felt a bit unwelcome?


Sacre Bleu!! Well we knew this site would probably go down like a lead balloon with those with a vested interest in keeping the myths going, but never for one minute did we think we'd be banned from the official Rennes le Chateau Facebook page. Yes, that's right folks, the OFFICIAL page!! Strangely, notable RLC scammers are allowed to post their dubious content, but anyone even daring to suggest all is not what it seems is far from welcome. Dodgy photo's of Marie Denarnaud are in, the usual drivel about Mary Magdalene is fine, but hilarious, brilliantly designed memes are out. Anyone smell un gros rat all??


I fully expect everyone to treat this travesty with the contempt it deserves. Banners should be made, protest songs sung, and a few people chained to the town hall railings wouldn't go amiss either. I'll be round with a Noel Corbu thermos once you're all set up, it wouldn't do to catch your death on my behalf. Solidarity and all that. Will also see if i can filch some money from the Henry Lincoln Archive 'fundraiser', to keep you all going, this could be a long and arduous campaign. Power to the people.

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Wish You Were Here...


Not content with posting devilishly designed memes, we decided to go one better and sent them to print - yes that's right, we've produced a range of postcards featuring all your RLC family favourites! Want one? NEED one? Contact me using the usual social networking groups (details on FAQ page), and i'll drop one in the post for free. Can't say no fairer than that. No really, you can't.

Der Untergang - The Saussez Files


It's not often we roar with laughter, but once in a while something comes along that truly makes our day, and this video is one them. Put together by a Belgian friend, "Der Untergang - The Saussez files" features a hapless Hitler, hot on the trail of the holy Grail, only to be pipped to the post by... well, watch the video and find out. We think it's bloody brilliant.

Gino Sandri, former Nautonnier of the Priory of Sion The Priory's public announcement

Gino Sandri -- Fired!!!


It is with deep regret that we inform you of the termination of employment of Nautonnier Gino Sandri with the Priory of Sion. Gino had steered the good ship PoS through good times and bad, and had done much to bring the archaic society into the 21st century, but when news of Gino's clandestine underwear modelling contract emerged, the Priory felt it had to act.


Naturally, we wish old Gino all the best, and look forward to seeing him in all his glory on knitwear patterns and grundie commercials in the future. To date, no replacement has been sought for the vacant post, but insiders have confirmed that a shortlist will be drawn shortly.

Anyone interested in the post should forward their CV detailing any relevant experience in the first instance to:


The Priory of Sion


Route de Carcassonne,

11300 Limoux,